Cognitive Hypnotherapy   

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Some of the issues Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help with

Anxiety                      Stress

Habits                        Depression

Self Esteem               Exam pressures

Fears                         Phobias

Confidence                Panic attacks

Weight loss               Stopping -smoking

M.E./CFS symptoms

Transforming Negative thought patterns

Cognition is how we, as individuals, acquire knowledge; Cognitive Hypnotherapy focuses on how each individual mind gains knowledge and gives meaning to situations.

Our brain is a complex machine, it works hard right from birth to analyse and make sense of the world around it.

 “What happens if…..?....I will respond by….”

Some of this thought process is conscious but many patterns of thought and resulting action are running underneath conscious thought and we are not always aware of why we are responding in a particular way. The overriding rule will always be that the brain is doing its very best to provide you with a response that is designed to keep you safe, just sometimes it may be that it is using old patterns of thought that are no longer useful or repetitive patterns of thought have become over productive with the result being negative rather than positive. The brain is trying to protect you, but for instance if you have developed a fear of spiders  if you are in the Drs waiting room and see a spider on the cover of a  magazine  and you suddenly find you have jumped onto the nearest lap you may realise at this point that the brain is taking things slightly too far!

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a “solution focused" therapy by helping you to redefine and re-evaluate issues and behaviors that are no longer working for you and to help you find responses and solutions that do.

Hypnotherapy or “trance “is a deeply relaxing state whereby your awareness and focus is inward rather than scattered and distracted almost a meditative –restful state.It's actually a familiar feeling, we go into mini trance like states on many occasions for instance performing a repetitive, well known task such as painting or driving a familiar journey, you can arrive without actually remembering the journey or how you got there…this is trance.

In a trance like state, you are still aware of all your faculties and surroundings and can easily pull yourself back to the “here and now” should you wish to. I use hypnotherapy as a tool to support the NLP practices looking at why the patterns of thought or behaviour are occurring and the wording of the cognitive hypnotherapy is constructively aimed at addressing those patterns therefore working at a deeper level of the mind bringing about lasting changes

The first session around 90 minutes and subsequent sessions 70-75 minutes are £60 per session. I record  any relevant personalised cognitive hypnotherapy sessions for you to have a CD/MP3 recording of the session to use at home .