Cognitive Hypnotherapy   

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a powerful therapy which  draws from a wide range of approaches including N.L.P (Neuro Linguistic Programming),Hypnotherapy and E.F.T Emotional Freedom Technique and EMI (eye movement integration)

Utilising Cognitive Hypnotherapy we can look at patterns of thought or behaviour which are not working for you and change them into patterns that will.

We all create patterns of thought and behaviours right from birth. Some of these continue to serve us throughout our lives others begin to "get in our way".

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy I can help with anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, confidence issues, weight loss, giving up smoking, depression and excessive tiredness, study techniques and exam nerves,pain relief techniques and preparation for childbirth.

Please look through the following pages to see how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be of help to you. 

It can be scary to think about seeking out help and support so feel free to give me a call or drop me an email and we can chat things over to see how I can be of the best help to you.  07877 648634